Resident Evil Easter Eggs in Life Is Strange 2 - Rules

Saturday 14 March 2020

The second episode of Life Is Strange 2 looks like it is an extended tribute to the Resident Evil saga. I don't know whether this is intentional or random (although I'm pretty sure that some of the references were included on purpose), but still it is very interesting to point out those elements that seem to connect Rules with Resident Evil: Code Veronica in particular. Additionally there are several other easter eggs that nod to more games of the saga, always in direct or indirect relation to Code Veronica and its references in Rules.

The grandparents

Noticing something about Sean and Daniel's grandparents was what triggered my Resident Evil radar and then I started discovering all the other things. The grandparents are Claire and Stephen Reynolds, and as soon as I saw them together, it struck me.

Stephen and Claire are a loving couple

I immediately thought about Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil: Code Veronica, which is the game where they also met. They are way younger than the grandparents of course, but apart from the names, they have a few other things in common with them. Their hair color is similar - well, at least when Stephen actually had hair and Claire's wasn't white, as we can tell from their wedding photo that is found in their bedroom. They also have the same eye color - all four have blue eyes. Moreover, the grandparents' surname starts with RE, just like Claire's. RE also could reference the Resident Evil initials, often used as an abbreviation for the series. A long shot this last one, but it makes sense nonetheless.

Steve and Claire's romance tragically ended before it even had the chance to bloom

Captain Chris

In the same episode, we get to meet Daniel's future buddy, little Chris from the house next door. Chris has an impressive creative imagination and likes to think he has super powers, having adopted the secret identity of his own imaginary super hero, Captain Spirit.

Chris is a Captain in his own merit

Claire's brother in the Resident Evil games is named Chris; and in Resident Evil 6, he is the Captain of his team. He also makes an appearance in Code Veronica, alongside his sister Claire and Steve.

Captain Chris Redfield could sometimes use a little help from Captain Spirit Chris


In his sketchbook, where he likes to depict people as animals, Sean draws Chris as a raccoon.

Chris is the raccoon and Daniel is the little wolf

One of the most memorable Resident Evil games is Resident Evil 2, which takes place in Raccoon City; one of the main protagonists there is Claire, who is looking for her brother, Chris. Chris Redfield was an elite cop in the Raccoon City police department during that time.

Chris Redfield has the Raccoon police badge on his sleeve

Moreover, if you take the time to explore the Reynolds house, Sean can find a paper with Claire's drawings on the table where Daniel is studying (obviously Sean's talent is a hereditary gift). One of her sketches depicts a raccoon.

Claire has drawn a raccoon among other things

Claire Redfield's first appearance in the Resident Evil world was in Resident Evil 2, during the Raccoon City outbreak.

Claire Redfield arrives at the ominously dark Raccoon City


While in the Christmas market, Sean has the chance to sit down and draw. As he does so, Chris shows up and asks him to add something cool in his sketch. One of the options for Sean then is to draw zombies for Chris.

A zombie attack on Beaver Creek

Zombies are a standard enemy in the Resident Evil world, and wherever Chris Redfield is, there are naturally zombies.

Chris Redfield is always chased by zombies

All that snow

The whole episode 3 of Life Is Strange 2 takes place in the heart of winter, and there is snow and frost everywhere: from the secluded mountain where Sean and Daniel are hiding at the start to the quaint town of Beaver Creek where they find refuge for a short while.

The snowy playground sets the mood in Beaver Creek

You can never have enough snow in Antarctica, the place where the second part of Code Veronica takes place after the plane that Steve and Claire are driving crashes there. It is also the place where Chris and Claire reunite.

Steve is trying not to think about all that snow in Antarctica

The Christmas season

Rules takes place during the Christmas season and there is a festive atmosphere in the grandparents' house, and the town as well.

The Reynolds decorated their tree in time

It is Christmas time in Code Veronica too (27 December marks the starting day of the events at Rockfort Island), although everyone is too busy trying to survive while killing zombies to get in the mood. Naturally there are no decorations, and the only reminder that we get about the season is while witnessing the villain Alfred Ashford's anticipation of the year to come.

Christmas is just a date in Rockfort Island

The hunting trophies

There are a few hunting trophies on the high walls of the Reynolds, specifically a deer head and a moose head.

There is a moose head in the living room
And a deer head next to the mezzanine

Several hunting trophies can be seen in almost all Resident Evil games, the most popular ones being the deer and moose head trophies. You can see them here.

A moose head decorates the Dean's office in Resident Evil 6

The guitar player

In the Christmas market, Sean meets Cassidy, one of the drifters that he will later befriend. Cassidy is an errant singer and plays the guitar.

Cassidy plays the guitar and sings pretty well

Chris, Claire's sister in the Resident Evil games, plays the guitar as a hobby. We never had the chance to see him in artistic action up to now, but there is an electric guitar at the side of his desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office at the Raccoon Police Department, as can be seen in Resident Evil 2.

Chris likes to play the electric guitar in his free time


One of the most important characters in Life Is Strange 2 makes his first appearance in Rules, and he is no other than Finn, the other drifter who will later become Sean's close friend. Finn's full name is Finnegan McNamara and he is obviously of Scottish heritage.

Finn McNamara is smart, handsome and charming

In Resident Evil 6, one of Chris Redfield's soldiers is called Finn McAuley, sharing the same first name (or at least the abbreviation of it) and the same heritage with Finn from Life Is Strange 2; although he has neither his wit nor his looks.

Finn McAuley is naif, recreant and dull

The screenshots for Code Veronica were taken from The Darkside Chronicles - Game of Oblivion
The screenshots for Resident Evil 2 were taken from Resident Evil 2 Remake
The screenshots for Resident Evil 1 were taken from Resident Evil HD Remastered

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