The Resident Chess

Wednesday 10 August 2016

I noticed not long ago that in several Resident Evil games you do come across chessboards, chess pieces and other chess-related stuff. Although these items are not always part of the plot, their presence adds a little more charm and mystery in the setting they are in.

In Resident Evil Zero, Rebecca and Billy find themselves trapped in the Umbrella Facility and they have to figure out a way to escape. To do this, they have to go through a series of puzzles and at some point they arrive at an office where there is one giant chessboard with chess pieces on the floor:

On the desk, there is a regular chess board:

Moving the pieces in the big chessboard the correct way reveals a hidden depression under the small chessboard where you get to find an important item.

In Resident Evil 1, there is a chessboard in the small study where you also find the Dog Whistle and, if you play with Jill, the Lighter. If you move Chris or Jill close to the chessboard, they will comment that the game ended in checkmate.

In Resident Evil 4, Leon in the main game and Ada in Separate Ways find the Elegant Chessboard in the castle. Leon finds it in the same room where the Queen's Grail is also found, while Ada finds it in the retractable bridge room, just after the Garrador room. The Elegant Chessboard is, as its name indicates, a luxurious chessboard with a couple of chesspieces on it. It is unclear whether it is a regular chessboard that can be played or if it is just a decorative piece. In the game, it is merely one of the many treasures that can be sold to the merchant and its worth is 13.000 pesetas.

Leon finds the Elegant Chessboard in a cupboard
Ada finds the Elegant Chessboard under the retractable bridge
In Resident Evil 3, there is a chessboard in the Clock Tower, in the small living room outside the bedroom where the tram crashes. It is a simple chessboard that just sits on a table, and you cannot interact with it.

In Resident Evil Outbreak, in the scenario Decisions, Decisions, the final story which takes place in the Raccoon City University, you can spot a chessboard in the Student Affairs Room. This chessboard appears to be closed, as there are no chess pieces on it.

In Resident Evil 6, Ada finds a chessboard in the office cabin, inside the Aircraft Carrier. Again it is a closed chessboard with no chess pieces around.

In Resident Evil 2, the four plugs that you have to find so as to open a locked door in the Septic Pool room are shaped like chess pieces. They are the Bishop Plug, the King Plug, the Knight Plug and the Rook Plug.

The Bishop Plug is in the Library of the R.P.D.
The King plug is found in the storage room of the R.P.D. After finding two jewels, you place them on two statues there and the King Plug is revealed.
The Knight Plug is in te Clock Tower, on the 3rd floor
The Rook Plug is in the Interrogation Room
Whereas in Resident Evil 6 the Skill Points that you find throughout the game are actually chess pieces, and their type is directly connected to their value: 50 points is Pawn, 100 points is Knight, 300 points is Bishop, 500 points is Rook, 1000 points is Bronze Queen, 1500 points is Silver Rook, 2000 points is Bronze King, 2500 is Silver Queen, 3000 is Golden Rook, 4000 is Silver King, 5000 is Golden Queen and 10000 is Golden King. 50 and 100 skill point pieces are either dropped by standard enemies or found in crates and barrels. Higher value point pieces are found on specific locations or dropped by bigger enemies. The most valuable skill point piece, a 10.000 skill point Golden King piece, can only be found in one location in the whole game.

Chris finds a 50 skill point Pawn after slashing a crate in the Poisawan Inner Area
Leon finds a 100 skill point Knight piece hidden in a crate in the Market
Jake finds a 300 skill point Bishop piece after breaking a vase in the Research facility Living Quarters
Leon finds a 500 skill point Rook piece after killing a Bloodshot in the Gun Shop
Leon finds a 1000 skill point Bronze Queen piece that was dropped by a Shrieker in the Underground Lab
Chris finds a 1500 skill point Silver Rook piece after killing a Napad in the City Hall
Leon finds a 2000 skill point Bronze King piece in a case in the Market
Leon finds a 2500 skill point Silver Queen piece after killing a Whopper in the Gun Shop
Leon finds a 3000 skill point Golden Rook piece after defeating all the parts of a Rasklapanje in the Market
Jake finds a 4000 skill point Silver King piece in a case in the Shopping District
Leon finds a 5000 skill point Golden Queen piece in a case in the Market
Chris finds the only 10.000 skill point Golden King piece in a case in the Poisawan Inner Area

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