Albert Wesker, The Canon Ladykiller

Sunday, 2 October 2016

It is established that Albert Wesker, the arch-villain of the Resident Evil series, despises all human beings, but have you noticed how he is treating women in particular? I think it's no secret that he hates all the ladies with a venom, and he shows it clearly in any given instance. His attitude towards them ranges from contempt and mistreating to physically attacking, exposing to mutations and even attempting murder. 

Given that Rebecca Chambers is such an innocent, honest and low-profile young woman, to say that he looks down on her would be an understatement. In Resident Evil 1, when she and Chris arrive at the secret lab under the Spencer Mansion where he is about to release the Tyrant, Wesker doesn't hesitate to shoot her, intending to kill her. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't attack Chris - though he more often than not lets the whole world know that he hates him - supposedly because he wants him to witness the next part of his plan.

Heartless Wesker shoots Rebecca directly in the heart

Luckily Rebecca doesn't die; she had her bulletproof vest on.

One would expect that, of all people, Wesker would know that a S.T.A.R.S. member on a mission would actually be wearing a bulletproof vest. But I guess he was so fascinated and distracted by the Tyrant project that he paid little attention to anything else.

When Jill Valentine discovers his secret, he is even more vindictive; he may have felt contempt for Rebecca, but obviously Jill annoys him and he is jealous of her because she is extremely intelligent, skilled and dexterous. Although they had been together in that mess long enough and they were supposed to be partners, he doesn't hesitate to hit her when he gets offended by her.

Although Wesker generally seems, in his own twisted way, to respect Jill to some degree, he doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger at her when he feels threatened

Soon after, he attempts to kill her but luckily Barry arrives at just the last second and saves her. Wesker had been blackmailing Barry, threatening to kill his family, so as to force him murder Jill, but Barry, although he got weak for a moment, in the end he stood up to his evil Captain and saved his partner.

Wesker's encounter with Claire Redfield in the courtyard of the Ashford Mansion is a classic scene in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. When you play the game for the first time, he is the last person you are expecting to see there and he totally takes Claire by surprise. He makes clear right from the start that he hates her brother and greets her with his known sweet way.

Wesker finds a sadistic pleasure in beating the hell out of Claire

Obviously fantasizing that he is actually beating Chris, he later gives her a push that sends her flying to the other end of the courtyard. As if this wasn't enough, he tries to crush her shoulder with his boot.

Wesker hates Claire with a venom, due to her relation with Chris

A phonecall interrupts this cozy moment, but he doesn't forget to treat Claire with a farewell kick right in the face before he leaves.

Towards the end of the game, he manages to find her again and this time he decides to let all his rage go on her ponytail.

Wesker seems to always be lurking around a corner, waiting to surprise Claire

He is still dragging her from the ponytail when Chris finds him at the exterior areas of the facility.

Wesker won't rest until he has pulled Claire's ponytail out
At least now we know why Claire's ponytail in Revelations 2 looked so thin, and why later she finally cut her hair short.

If you ever wondered about Alby's love life, Resident Evil 5 comes to offer you a partial answer. Excella Gionne, the intelligent but over-ambitious Italian with whom he co-operates, is obviously in love with him, but as one would expect, Wesker only manipulates her so as to get to his goal and he doesn't have a problem to show it one way or another.

Excella seems to be totally aware that Wesker is manipulating her, still she secretly hopes she will be rewarded for her loyalty towards him

Excella has her ambitions, of course, but it's clear that she has a serious crush on him. She doesn't seem to be unaware of his intents, but I guess that deep down her romantic side is still hoping for an evening in a gondola under the moonlight.

However what she gets instead is this:

And one of the most hideous mutations in Resident Evil history as a bonus. Still, her last word before becoming a monster is:

What to say. Some people never learn. It's worth mentioning that amidst all the hullabaloo, all that Wesker seems to care about is his "old friend" Chris.

Meanwhile, in an interesting flashback, we get to see how Chris and Jill found Wesker in a secluded mansion, where he murdered Spencer so as to become a God himself. Thank God this guy didn't run for politician.

Of course Wesker isn't disposed to let them get away with discovering him, and he attempts to kill them. While he is ready to kick Chris out of the window, Jill rushes over, pushes him and plunges together with him in a deadly embrace down the immeasurable chaos below the house.

What was Jill thinking?!

We can never be sure that Wesker actually dies - but Jill, poor Jill. They even made a grave for her and carried out a funeral in her honor, as her body was never found.

So it seems that even when he doesn't do anything directly with his hand, Alby still drags women to a gloomy destiny.

Upon meeting with Wesker, Chris has a surprise waiting for him, which is both pleasant and unpleasant. Pleasant because he finds out Jill is not dead. Unpleasant because obviously Wesker has total control over her and she has become his puppet.

Even when Jill was under Wesker's control, she maintained some part of her true self

However thanks to her strong character and Chris's persistence, she gets over all that nasty mess. Not so easily though, as before this happens, Chris has to carry out a painful battle with her.
The third lady of this game couldn't get away with Wesker's misogynism. Sheva Alomar may be a tough cookie, but when it comes to dealing with Wesker, noone can be tough enough. When he first sees her, he attempts to strangle her while explaining absurd theories to Chris.

Wesker totally ignores Sheva and his only reaction towards her is several vicious attacks

Some time later, he escapes on a plane but Chris and Sheva manage to jump on it too. During the battle that follows, he tries to strangle Sheva once more.

Wesker has an obsession with necks and faces and hair; anything that is from the throat and onwards

What ensues is that Sheva is found hanging from a metal beam and Wesker, while falling to an (once more) fake death, grabs her from the leg (for a change) and attempts to drag her down with him.

Now we know from where Jake took his crazy acrobatic moves

Chris manages to pull her up and save her, much to Alby's disappointment.

The only woman whom Wesker seems to respect to some degree is Ada Wong. Obviously because she is so smart and with so many high connections, and he needs her assistance and skills, also because he surely knows that she can beat him before he knows it if she wants to with a great variety of ways.

In the Umbrella Chronicles, we learn that after Leon left her for dead due to the Tyrant's fatal attack, she somehow managed to survive, heavily wounded and in a really bad state. Wesker contacts her and informs her that she has betrayed his trust in her since she helped Leon. At that point, he might had even considered getting rid of her or, in the best case, let her die. Ada, however, always on her toes, tells him that she has an important find with her: a tissue fragment containing the G-Virus.

Even wrapped in bandages, Ada never loses her cool style, which is why Wesker treats her with caution

Wesker, who badly wants such a sample, gives her instructions to leave Raccoon City while there is still time, before it gets destroyed by a missile. It is quite clear of course that if Ada had nothing more to offer to him, he probably would have disposed of her. His decision to help her stay alive however proved to be wise for his benefit as we see that he used her services and skills later as well.

Wesker communicates with Ada via a computer in Apple Inn, giving her instructions about how to get out of Raccoon City safely

In Resident Evil 4, he sends her to Spain to retrieve the Plaga sample, without knowing that she is in fact a double spy, working also for a secret organization that, obviously, has good intents. While on that mission, she saves Leon's life, once again ignoring Wesker's orders.

Ada is determined to stop Wesker's evil plans and stands up against him by saving Leon's life

Ada is the only woman who stood up to Wesker with her brains and smartness and not with fighting with him, and this is possibly another reason why he doesn't despise her. You want to be in decent terms with a clever woman, for your own good.

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